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Dubai Properties, a renowned builder in the area, painstakingly created Mudon, a gated neighborhood within Dubailand. The name "Mudon," which means "cities" in Arabic, holds significance as the initial project goal was to recreate five historic Middle Eastern cities. Unfortunately, the project's size underwent three significant reductions during its development. The community meticulously divided into three separate sub-communities: Arabella, Naseem, and Al Salam. Its architectural style draws inspiration from the rich history of ancient Arabian design. As of the most recent available information, some sections, including Mudon Views (the neighborhood's only apartment building) and Arabella Phases II and III (comprising exclusively of townhouses), were still undergoing development.

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Transportation and parking facilities in Mudon are convenient for residents. Each villa and townhouse is equipped with a minimum of two dedicated parking spots, ensuring ample space for homeowners. Additionally, there is street parking available, a visitor parking lot, and generous parking provisions at the Al Salam Community Centre, catering to the community's parking needs.

In terms of public transportation, Mudon is accessible through two nearby bus stops situated near the Mudon Al Salam Community Centre. The closest metro station is Mall of the Emirates, but to reach Mudon from there, you would need to take the F32 feeder bus. Taxis are not readily available in the area, so residents often rely on ride-sharing services like Uber or Careem, or they can plan their trips in advance through the RTA app for more convenience in transportation arrangements.

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