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Palm Jebel Ali is a big, fancy neighborhood being built in Dubai. It'll have everything you need to live comfortably and in style by the water. They want it to be a top-notch place for people to live and visit, making Dubai even more famous for business and tourism. It's a huge area with lots of green spaces and cool stuff to do by the waterfront. They're creating a whole new area for growth in Jebel Ali. It's much bigger than Palm Jumeirah and will have awesome places to stay, like hotels and resorts. This project will make Dubai's coastline longer and give around 35,000 families an amazing beachside living experience.
Starting Price
1,800,000 AED
Q1 2027

These Villas, nestled charmingly by the sea, cater to individuals with a deep affinity for the ocean and an appreciation for contemporary, artistic abodes. One can envision a scene where someone relaxes on the porch of one of these homes, serenaded by the soothing melodies of the nearby waves—an experience akin to attending a tranquil concert.

The Beach Collection showcases a variety of house designs, each boasting its distinct style and colors inspired by the breathtaking sea and natural surroundings. Meticulous attention has been paid to understanding the needs and desires of prospective homeowners. Inside these residences, thoughtful space planning allows for seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living. What's more, even when indoors, glimpses of the sea are a constant reminder of the picturesque location.

For those who appreciate unique architectural designs, elegant styles, and luxurious materials, The Coral Collection is the perfect choice. With a wide range of layouts, there's a home to suit every taste and lifestyle. Each residence exudes its own character and ambiance, emphasizing an exclusive atmosphere. The homes boast a timeless appeal while embracing contemporary design, fostering an ideal connection between indoor and outdoor living in this stunning beachfront setting.

The modern aesthetics of these homes are bound to stand the test of time, complemented by unique finishes that not only enhance the design but also elevate the property's key features. Imagine owning a home that embodies sophistication while seamlessly blending with the natural world.

Fitness Center / GYM
24/7 Security
Outdoor Pool
Floor Plans of
Attractive 80/20 Payment Plan
On Booking

20 %

During Construction

60 %

Handover Q1 2027

20 %

is located in
Palm Jebel Ali
Palm Jebel Ali is a big artificial island being built near Dubai. It’s part of a group of man-made islands, including Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Islands. Palm Jumeirah is already popular, with nice places to eat, beaches, fancy homes, and fun things to do. Dubai Islands is also being worked on. Palm Jebel Ali was started in 2009 but stopped. Now, in 2023, it’s getting a fresh start and will be twice as big as Palm Jumeirah when finished. It’ll have room for about 35,000 families and 80 hotels. The plan fits with Dubai’s idea to have more beaches by 2040. The island will be eco-friendly, using a lot of clean energy, and will have walkways and bike paths for people. It’s part of Dubai’s big plans for the future.
35 mins

to Downtown Dubai

25 mins

to Dubai Marina

40 mins

to Dubai Airport

25 mins

to DWC Airport

is listed by
Serdar Properties
Serdar Properties is a new addition to the Dubai real estate market. The start of this project was incredibly successful, and today our office in Dubai professionally serves the entire range of demand in the real estate industry of the United Arab Emirates. Our team comprises highly skilled real estate professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. We carefully analyze every business move we make to ensure alignment with the latest trends and advancements in real estate. This involves staying informed about market developments, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and implementing innovative strategies to enhance our client services. Our objectives include comprehending and surpassing our clients’ expectations through transparent communication and consistently offering candid advice. We work towards establishing enduring relationships founded on trust, integrity, and professionalism, ensuring that our clients perceive their value and remain well-informed throughout their journey. Moreover, we foster a sense of ownership, pride, and satisfaction among our employees, as they play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional service to our clients. Our ambition extends to becoming a trusted and respected partner in the community, forging meaningful and lasting relationships that contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of the areas we serve.

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